We Survived Carter Too!

A Reminder to Republicans

A Reminder to Republicans

As Barack Hussein Obama is sworn in today, take a trip back to 1976. We never thought we would survive the Carter Administration . . . but we did.

Just four years later, we elected one of the greatest Republican Presidents of all time and regained control of the United States Senate for the first time in 28 years. That re-aligning election should serve as inspiration for every Republican as we look towards 2010 and 2012.

Based in New Hampshire, SCM Associates is different from other consultants. Because we are not part of the Washington, DC beltway mentality of this business, we are willing to be daring, creative, and try new things — which is what it is going to take if we want 2010 or 2012 to be a re-aligning election for Republicans.

If someone you know needs a direct mail or telemarketing program, please e-mail or call me at (800)726-4871. Also let me know if you would like some of our “We Survived Carter, Too” bumper stickers!


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One response to “We Survived Carter Too!

  1. The entire World needs a…
    “We survived Bush……. whilst many didn’t” sticker
    “Holy Shit, Palin could be Vice President right now!!!”

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