Here’s Another Obama Story You Won’t Read About

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has this nice job at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Her husband becomes Senator and Michelle is promoted to a newly created position of Vice-President for External Affairs and her salary is boosted from $121,000 to $316,000 — I know we would all like that kind of increase.
Then the good Senator — just helping his constituents — requests and secures a million dollar earmark for the hospital.

So what happens after the election?

Michelle is becoming first lady and resigns her position as expected. But what you won’t hear about is the hospital is doing away with the position. So the newly-created position that was so important to the hospital . . . has gone away. Since Michelle was able to take a year long leave to campaign for her husband without the position being filled or duties being re-assigned, I guess we all know why it was created.

But you won’t read much about this story.


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