And the nominations just keep on rolling . . .

I think I could write a blog just about Obama nominees and the trouble they get into.


* Obama technology official on leave after FBI raids his old DC office, arrests 2 (Gets even better . . . the Justice Department gave the White House the heads up about the raid!)

* Ron Kirk’s nomination as U.S. Trade Representatives proceeds after Kirk repays $10,000 in back taxes for hiding speaking fees (also know as tax evasion for most of us.)

* H. Rodgin Cohen, chairman of the New York law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, has withdrawn his name from consideration for deputy Treasury secretary (issue found in vetting), becoming the fourth pick for a prominent Treasury Department post to pull out in recent weeks.

* Annette Nazareth, a former senior staffer and commissioner with the Securities and Exchange Commission, made “a personal decision” to withdraw from the process after being named as Deputy at Treasury.

* Nancy Killefer, chosen to be “chief performance officer”, pulled out over unpaid taxes.


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