Hockey and Kidney Stones

Mark Recchi

Mark Recchi

In this day and age when many people think athletes are spoiled brats and take any opportunity to rest with minor injuries, the job by Mark Recchi of the Boston Bruins should be noted.

Playing against the Carolina Huricanes, Recchi had a fractured rib and kidney stone. The night before Game 7, he had surgery to remove the stone. The next day he walked into the training room with an IV in and asked to play. He logged 23 minutes in Game 7. Recchi is 41 years old and very old school.

His gutsy effort wasn’t lost on coach Claude Julien or his teammates.

“This is where you really hope that guys pay attention to that because here he was… rolling into the trainer’s room with an IV stuck to him and was willing to play as long as they would allow him to,” said Julien. “You wonder why guys like that win Stanley Cups and that’s a guy willing to do whatever it takes. This was probably the best thing that some of our guys could see, is the sacrifice that this guy was willing to make, even at this stage in his career, this point of his career. It doesn’t matter, he was willing to do whatever it took, and I know that a lot of players were probably in awe of what he did.”

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