The Long Arm of the IRS Reaches to your Cellphone!

Soon to be taxed!

Soon to be taxed!

Does your employer provide you with a cellphone? Watch out . . . the IRS is now going to be after you. They want to tax you for your personal use of that cellphone. Can you imagine the new recordkeeping that will be required?

Of course, the IRS is defending this proposal saying, “The motivation for the notice is to clarify how employers can justify a deduction. It wasn’t aimed at employees.” But as this article points out, if an employer reports it as income, employees will need to pay taxes on it.

You can fight back by commenting on the notice that was posted. You have until September 4th to respond. Join me in fighting back against this propose IRS Rule.

I once had an accounting professor in college who refused to call it the IRS. If we did in class, an eraser was headed our way (yes this was way before smartboards!) He insisted we call it the IR, because there is no “service”.


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