SCM Associates

A Direct Marketing Leader

SCM Associates is a Republican fundraising and direct-response firm that offers direct mail, telemarketing, and online services for fundraising and political purposes.

America’s most powerful Senators, influential Members of Congress, and dynamic Republican Party organizations have utilized our highly personalized and creative services.

Founded by Stephen C. Meyers in 1991 and based in Dublin, New Hampshire, SCM Associates literally “wrote the book” on fundraising. The National Republican Congressional Committee commissioned us to write, design, and produce the Finance Manual for Republican Congressional candidates.

SCM Associates has four times won the American Association of Political Consultants coveted Pollie Award in the category of “Candidate Direct Mail”.

Our Commitment

SCM Associates is committed to providing the highest degree of client service combined with personalized attention that tailors individual programs to each client. Political campaigns and organizations don’t need consultants who tell them what to do – they need a consultant who creates action and provides results. With creative and aggressive direct mail and telemarketing services, we are dedicated to providing outstanding client service, meeting deadlines, and constructing programs that produce successful and profitable results.

Our Strengths

Aggressive Approach: Raising money and seeking votes is not for the timid and faint-hearted. Our direct response programs aggressively build your donor file, raise net dollars, and win over undecided voters.

Combined Approach: Used together, direct mail, telemarketing, and e-mail are powerful tools. Unlike most firms, SCM Associates handles them all for a coordinated direct response fundraising program.

Creative Spark: SCM Associates produces superior results with letters, self-mailers, e-mails, and phone scripts that are innovative, imaginative, and compelling.

Dependability: Clients like our hands-on approach and dependable service. At SCM Associates we honor our word, keep our commitments, get the details right, and meet deadlines.

Personalized Service: Your needs are unique. SCM Associates produces programs tailored to your campaign, organization, and situation. We do not use “cookie-cutter” approaches.


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