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Monuments to Me

Congressman David Obey

Congressman David Obey

If it seems common sense is sometimes lacking in Congress, well, it’s because . . . it is. A perfect example is the battle over “Monuments to Me.” “Monuments to me” are using taxpayer funds in the forms of earmarks to have something named after yourself — generally in your district but sometimes birthplace or other location.

A recent floor altercation between House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) and

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) once again highlighted this process.

Waters has been seeking $1 million for an employment center in her district that bears her name, but Obey has decided to ban any “monuments to me” when it comes to funding project requests this year.

You may remember the “Monuments to Me” first really came to light over a year ago when Congressman Charles Rangel fought for more earmark funds to go to the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at the City College of New York. The GOP dubbed the earmark as a “Monument to Me” and blocked the funding.

Back to common sense — it seems perfectly reasonable to ban this practice. We all know most members of Congress have huge egos, but using taxpayer funds to promote their own name while still in office seems downright scandalous or at least shameful.

Back to Obey – we praise him for stopping the Waters earmark, but let’s look why. The Republicans have vowed that any earmark named after a person in office will be blocked and have promised to force a vote on an outright ban of the practice. The Dems want to leave all options open and certainly don’t want to go on record on this issue.

So thanks to Obey, no “Monuments to me” this year, but who knows about the future.

This practice should just be banned forever.


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The Unstimulating Stimulus – Part IV

President Obama on July 1st – Stimulus has “done its job.”

Unemployment figures released on July 2nd – 467,000 jobs lost and jobless rate at 9.5%, the highest in 26 years.

I think the only job the stimulus has done has been to reward all the liberal special interest groups that back Obama in the election and allow the liberals in Congress to pass a massive expansion of the government under the guise of stimulus.

Where’s the stimulus, Barack?

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The Unstimulating Stimulus Bill — Part III

Obama says stimulus spending to “ramp up” – June 8th.

But according to USAToday, “Federal spending meant to jump-start the economy slowed last week, two weeks after President Obama vowed to “ramp up” the pace of that aid.”

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The Unstimulating Stimulus Bill

Interesting chart below, courtesy of the White House. The Administration’s economic team released a report on January 9 to help sell the stimulus by comparing unemployment projections with and without their proposed stimulus.

Take a look at the red markers, which were added to indicate actual unemployment…

Thanks to:
Wes Climer, Communications Director
Rep. Bill Cassidy (LA-06)

White House Chart

White House Chart

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This explains a lot . . .

Do you think that the Patriots asked for permits?

After being told they couldn’t “dump a million tea bags in Lafayette Square” today because they “didn’t have proper permits,” DC anti-tax protesters were left wondering “what to do with the load” (Washington Post).

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No, No, I am SERIOUS! We are going to “end the old way of doing business.”

Obama says we'll end the old way next time.

Obama says we'll end the old way next time.

It’s imperfect.

It’s what Nancy Pelosi wants.

It’s what Harry Reid wants.

It has nearly 8,000 earmarks.

It’s the Omnibus Government Spending Bill.

“Okay, Okay. I will go along with it this time. . . but really guys, we need to start ending the old way of doing business. Seriously, can we start now? I promised!!!”

Obama. The Hypocrite you Can Believe in.

See more here.

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$1.75 Trillion Deficit Seen as Obama Unveils Budget Plan

As predicted in earlier posts, the Obama budget takes the deficit to almost $2 trillion as spending program after spending program is announced.

This New York Times article gives us an early look at how the Obama administration plans to re-distribute wealth in this country. This is SCARY CHANGE.

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