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Hip Hop President Hits the Clubs

Obama Obama in Russia decides to blow off his hosts on the final night. He takes his family to the “the O2 Lounge, the super-chic, super-pricey rooftop club at the new Ritz-Carlton” the home of “swaggering tycoons and leggy models.” As the NY Times point outs — perhaps the Secret Service cleared them out for the evening. (Read review of the O2.)

It feels like Obama thinks the Presidency is a way to have impressive dates. NY dinner and show, Paris dinner with Michelle, clubbing with the family — why do every time I see them socializing do I hear this song?


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Pelosi – Politics before National Security

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is losing credibility fast as she plays fast and loose with the facts about what she knew and when she knew it regarding Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT). She wants to call the CIA the liars here, but she actually knew about waterboarding in 2003. Who is the liar now, Nancy?

Even more amazing is this quote:

“No letter or anything else was going to stop them from doing what they were going to do. My job was to change the majority in the Congress,” Pelosi said of her role on the committee, and then in her role as House Minority Leader.

As Elected Official and the number one Democrat in the House, she is admitting that politics came before national security! Amazing, even by liberal Democrat standards.

Read more of this story in Roll Call and the New York Times.

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Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter

Obama and Chavez

Obama and Chavez

Is Barack Obama just Jimmy Carter to hip-hop? What’s a good rhyme with naive?

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