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Monuments to Me

Congressman David Obey

Congressman David Obey

If it seems common sense is sometimes lacking in Congress, well, it’s because . . . it is. A perfect example is the battle over “Monuments to Me.” “Monuments to me” are using taxpayer funds in the forms of earmarks to have something named after yourself — generally in your district but sometimes birthplace or other location.

A recent floor altercation between House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) and

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) once again highlighted this process.

Waters has been seeking $1 million for an employment center in her district that bears her name, but Obey has decided to ban any “monuments to me” when it comes to funding project requests this year.

You may remember the “Monuments to Me” first really came to light over a year ago when Congressman Charles Rangel fought for more earmark funds to go to the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at the City College of New York. The GOP dubbed the earmark as a “Monument to Me” and blocked the funding.

Back to common sense — it seems perfectly reasonable to ban this practice. We all know most members of Congress have huge egos, but using taxpayer funds to promote their own name while still in office seems downright scandalous or at least shameful.

Back to Obey – we praise him for stopping the Waters earmark, but let’s look why. The Republicans have vowed that any earmark named after a person in office will be blocked and have promised to force a vote on an outright ban of the practice. The Dems want to leave all options open and certainly don’t want to go on record on this issue.

So thanks to Obey, no “Monuments to me” this year, but who knows about the future.

This practice should just be banned forever.


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Pelosi – Politics before National Security

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is losing credibility fast as she plays fast and loose with the facts about what she knew and when she knew it regarding Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT). She wants to call the CIA the liars here, but she actually knew about waterboarding in 2003. Who is the liar now, Nancy?

Even more amazing is this quote:

“No letter or anything else was going to stop them from doing what they were going to do. My job was to change the majority in the Congress,” Pelosi said of her role on the committee, and then in her role as House Minority Leader.

As Elected Official and the number one Democrat in the House, she is admitting that politics came before national security! Amazing, even by liberal Democrat standards.

Read more of this story in Roll Call and the New York Times.

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Another great Dem idea — Increase the gas tax in a bad economy

If Bay State Congressman Michael Capuano gets his way, motorists will be paying more at the gas pump . . . what a great way to keep the economy down.

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The Most Ethical Congress: Waters Helped Bank Whose Stock She Once Owned

WASHINGTON — When Rep. Barney Frank was looking to aid a Boston-based lender last fall, the Massachusetts Democrat urged Maxine Waters, a colleague on the House Financial Services Committee, to “stay out of it,” he says.

The reason: Ms. Waters, a longtime congresswoman from California, had close ties to the minority-owned institution, OneUnited Bank.

Ms. Waters and her husband have both held financial stakes in the bank. Until recently, her husband was a director. At the same time, Ms. Waters has publicly boosted OneUnited’s executives and criticized its government regulators during congressional hearings. Last fall, she helped secure the bank a meeting with Treasury officials.

Her involvement isn’t new. Ms. Waters has detailed her financial ties in a series of federal disclosure forms and has been vocal in public in support of the bank. Those ties, however, have received little public attention. Nor is it well known how the influential lawmaker has over the years acted to support the bank and its executives.

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