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Good Questions . . .

The Republican Study Committee, led by Congressman Tom Price (GA) has put out an excellent set of 10 questions for the President on health care.

10 Questions for the President on Health Care

Washington, DC – In light of today’s collaboration between ABC News and the Obama administration on the topic of health care reform, there are a few questions we’d like the President to answer. Mr. President:

1) During the debate on the so-called stimulus package, your estimates on future unemployment and economic recovery proved to be wildly off-base. Why should Americans now believe you that they will not be forced out of the private coverage they enjoy, as basic economics would dictate?

2) Despite your assertions that health care reform will save money, the reality is that plans proposed by Democrats would cost taxpayers between $1 trillion and $2 trillion. How does this save money and how will you pay for this?

3) If, as you claim, a government-run option is essential to maintaining honest competition in the health insurance market, why is it not also true that we need a government-run competitor in the fast food industry, neighborhood babysitting, or Major League Baseball?

4) Proponents of a government-run option, you included, claim that it will compete on a level playing field with private insurance providers. In that case, will your government-run plan operate under a for-profit model and be forced to pay all applicable state, federal, and local taxes?

5) How do you expect to meet the growing need for physicians and medical professionals if the government-run plan pays lower than market rates to physicians while forcing them to participate or lose a majority of their patients and their livelihood?

6) If the government mandates that all Americans purchase health insurance, it must also define what qualifies as health insurance. Can you provide us your definition (with details please) and explain how this definition will not limit innovation and choice in health care?

7) According to the House Democrats’ plan, a family of four with an income of $88,200, four times the federal poverty level, would qualify for health insurance subsidies. In your view, is this a subsidy for low-income Americans or an effort to use taxpayers to put more health care under the purview of the federal government?

8 ) The new Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research is charged with determining what treatments should be offered to patients. Do you believe that these personal medical decisions should be made by patients in consultation with their doctors, or by unaccountable bureaucrats?

9) Why are there no actively practicing physicians included in the membership of the Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research?

10) If the final reform proposal is controversial enough that it will not receive the necessary 60 votes in the Senate, Democrats have left open the possibility of using a procedural move to pass it with only 51 votes. Do you believe massive changes to such a vital area of American life should be pushed through in this manner with only 51 votes?


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IRS Backs Down on Cell Phone Tax

Good news! Thanks to an outcry of opposition, including several early posts on this blog, the IRS has asked Congress to repeal the law that allows for taxing employer provided cell phones.

Proud to be a part of the outcry!

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Wall Street Journal Agrees – Keep IRS off my Cell Phone

Recently I wrote about an IRS plan to tax employer provided cell phones for any personal use. Outrage is building over this new tax scheme. A California Congressman is taking this issue on for us.

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an editorial denouncing the plan.

The IRS plan was called “a totally cumbersome and burdensome requirement that most employers and employees are not going to comply with,” by a spokesman for the The Wireless Association trade group.

Fight back against this unfair tax. Send a comment to the IRS by September 4th.

Read more about this issue in the WSJ.

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The Long Arm of the IRS Reaches to your Cellphone!

Soon to be taxed!

Soon to be taxed!

Does your employer provide you with a cellphone? Watch out . . . the IRS is now going to be after you. They want to tax you for your personal use of that cellphone. Can you imagine the new recordkeeping that will be required?

Of course, the IRS is defending this proposal saying, “The motivation for the notice is to clarify how employers can justify a deduction. It wasn’t aimed at employees.” But as this article points out, if an employer reports it as income, employees will need to pay taxes on it.

You can fight back by commenting on the notice that was posted. You have until September 4th to respond. Join me in fighting back against this propose IRS Rule.

I once had an accounting professor in college who refused to call it the IRS. If we did in class, an eraser was headed our way (yes this was way before smartboards!) He insisted we call it the IR, because there is no “service”.

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Another great Dem idea — Increase the gas tax in a bad economy

If Bay State Congressman Michael Capuano gets his way, motorists will be paying more at the gas pump . . . what a great way to keep the economy down.

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Most Outrageous Example of Media Bias I Have Ever Seen

Watch to see how CNN’s Susan Roesgen chose to report about the Tea Party tax protest in Chicago. This is the most outrageous example of media bias I have ever seen. This is why Fox News can claim to be Fair and Balanced.


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