Obama’s Phony Job Claims

wsjThis WSJ article by William McGurn is the best explanation of the phony job claims by the Obama Administration. Several other posts have shown the lack of job creation by the stimulus funds, but Obama has taken it to a new level.

In a wise — but dishonest — political move, McGurn points out how the Obama claim of jobs “saved” is phony. It is a dubious economic measure that cannot be confirmed. So when the stimulus bill doesn’t work (as we are seeing right now, 1.6 million jobs lost since it passed), the Obama Administration can say it worked because we “saved” all these jobs that would have been lost.

If you Google “Obama Saved or Create” you get 726,000 results showing how widely this phrase has been thrown around. In the mainstream media’s love affair with Obama, the WSJ is alone in questioning the validity of this bogus claim.


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IRS Backs Down on Cell Phone Tax

Good news! Thanks to an outcry of opposition, including several early posts on this blog, the IRS has asked Congress to repeal the law that allows for taxing employer provided cell phones.

Proud to be a part of the outcry!

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Fundraising in a Recession

How's Your Fundraising?

How's Your Fundraising?

Today on the SCM Associates Facebook page, I posted seven pieces of advice about fundraising in a recession. It was driven by reading a Washington Times article last week about how Charitable Giving was off just 2% in 2008.

This is a small drop, but the first dip since 1987. It shows Americans still want to help and be charitable. Giving was actually up 5.5% for religious organizations which is not surprising as people turn to their faith to help them get through the lean times.

What are you finding in your fundraising efforts?

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The Unstimulating Stimulus Bill – Part II

We first reported this news about the Obama stimulus package on May 13th. Others are now seeing the light. FactCheck.org’s report on “Making Sense of Stimulus Spending” says:

“The fact is the economy has lost more jobs, and the unemployment rate is significantly higher, than the administration originally predicted would be the case if Washington did nothing. In fact, the original projections of Obama’s economic aides have turned out to be off by a very wide margin.”

This is no shock to those folks who are trying to make a living in this economy. FactCheck.org is clearly seeing through the spin.

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Wall Street Journal Agrees – Keep IRS off my Cell Phone

Recently I wrote about an IRS plan to tax employer provided cell phones for any personal use. Outrage is building over this new tax scheme. A California Congressman is taking this issue on for us.

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an editorial denouncing the plan.

The IRS plan was called “a totally cumbersome and burdensome requirement that most employers and employees are not going to comply with,” by a spokesman for the The Wireless Association trade group.

Fight back against this unfair tax. Send a comment to the IRS by September 4th.

Read more about this issue in the WSJ.

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SCM Associates on Facebook

scmlogo Please visit our Facebook Page and become a Fan.

Today I posted a note about Building a Campaign Masterfile which is useful for first-time candidates.

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The Long Arm of the IRS Reaches to your Cellphone!

Soon to be taxed!

Soon to be taxed!

Does your employer provide you with a cellphone? Watch out . . . the IRS is now going to be after you. They want to tax you for your personal use of that cellphone. Can you imagine the new recordkeeping that will be required?

Of course, the IRS is defending this proposal saying, “The motivation for the notice is to clarify how employers can justify a deduction. It wasn’t aimed at employees.” But as this article points out, if an employer reports it as income, employees will need to pay taxes on it.

You can fight back by commenting on the notice that was posted. You have until September 4th to respond. Join me in fighting back against this propose IRS Rule.

I once had an accounting professor in college who refused to call it the IRS. If we did in class, an eraser was headed our way (yes this was way before smartboards!) He insisted we call it the IR, because there is no “service”.

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